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Paving with Bricks

Paver Connection is a Paving Specialist and Paving Contractor in Cape Town. As paving specialists we use the latest innovation in paving design software for image generation in both brick pavers and simulated stone, we have the ability in making your patio, walkway, courtyard, pool surround, driveway, or entrance an attractive asset to your home. With so many paving products available, we will help you to choose a paver product and a paving design that will add value to your property.

Expert Pavers

warrantyThe Paver Connection operates in Cape Town, South Africa. Jacques Le Clos, founder member, motivated by his past paving experience in Mauritius and acquired knowledge of paving with bricks in South Africa, saw a new opening in this ever growing business and came up with The Paver Connection.

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As owner, I am involved in all aspects of the paving design. I personally ensure that all specifications and engineering of your paving project is of the highest standard. Therefore our promise to you is:


Value for money paving.

Pavers simulated stone

An excellent standard of paving workmanship.

Paving products cape town

Paving Design advice to enhance the value of your property.


The correct materials for the paving job... no hidden cost cutting.


Paving with Clay Brick, Cement Pavers and Simulated Stone are available in a range of colours, shapes, and paving patterns that will accent the natural beauty of your property.

We service all major areas in the Cape Town metropole including the Southern Suburbs and Northern Suburbs (eg. Durbanville).


Many patterns are available when using Block / Bricks Paving the most common ones are Herringbone 90° | Herringbone 45° | Stretcher Bond | Basket Weave

“If you limit your choices only to what seems possible and reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want and all that is left is a compromise.”
Robert Fritz


We supply a wide range of quality paving products such as simulated pavers, cobbles, Pool copings.

Cobble Paving
The JustStone product range of cement paving stones, cobblestones, cladding, tiles and copings was, after many years of experience in the cement cast stone industry, designed to address many of the shortcomings in the products on the market at the time.
With more than a century in the professional brick pavers industry, Corobrick (Pty) Ltd has established itself as the leading brick manufacturer, distributor and marketer of clay bricks and pavers as well as associated building products in South Africa.
Cemstone boasts one of the trendiest manufacturers in the simulated stone industry. They are trendsetters in an often bland industry, offering our customers, real value for money whilst still obtaining innovative quality products. 
Paving Products Cape Town
Manufacturer of Interlock paver, Bond paver, Roche simulated stones, Vintage paver, Double cobbles and so many more of high quality products.
Paving Design

CABRICO (Pty) LTD are manufacturers of genuine clay face brick and pavers. Their manufacturing process is environmentally sustainable, energy efficient and eco-friendly.

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