Paving Tips

Dealing with ants

Now these are the real culprits, they love building their nest under your newly acquired pavers. They will slowly make there way to the top of your pavers by eating away the sand filled grouting. A few months later, a few pavers will start to collapse. So do not blame...

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Dealing with paving weeds

Weeds are simply plants that grows in odd places, like in between the sand filled joints and a few places more. Highly inconvenient, specially that your new paving have just cost you a small fortune. There is no such thing as a weed-free surface. When detritus is...

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Paving Maintenance

It makes no difference how well a pavement or driveway have been laid, all pavings, from the very top-of-the-range to the bottom, require some basic maintenance. There is no maintenance-free paving of one form or another. Maintenance keeps paving in prime condition,...

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Did you know that the plastic use as underlay on all paving works is not a common practice. It does not prevent weed growth, but will make the bedding sand layer a reservoir of water instead, thus causing more harm. The use of Geotextiles is recommended instead.

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What should you buy concrete or clay paving?

How do you choose between concrete or clay paving? Here are the pros and cons: Concrete Relatively cheap. Wide choices of shapes and sizes are available. Full textured blocks and patterns are available. Wide choice of block depths, from 40mm. Colours fade over time....

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